Our Story

At Horatio, we love media! We have our favorite websites and cable shows and--old-school people that we are--even newspapers. But do you ever feel like, as fun as it can be in small doses, even our favorite media mostly divides us, mostly encourages us to choose sides, to pick a fight? This is what great myths have called “embracing the small world,” where we're consumed by the problems immediately in front of us, where we often feed on anxiety and outrage.

But these stories also insist there’s a big world out there! It’s scary and vast, beyond us. And there is an epic battle raging there in which we have a very real stake. But it's a very different battle than is reflected in our small-world squabbling. In the Shire (to use a Lord of the Rings example), our battle is with the Sackville-Bagginses. But, once we leave the Shire, our battle is with Sauron. For all that, though, the big world is also wondrous. It promises a journey into what we’re made to be about. And it’s a place where the silos that define us in our small worlds fade. Yes, this big world is less certain than our small-world life of worries and outrages. But in it we discover that a lot of the problems that most dominate our attention are actually small-world problems. They’re a lot less scary than they’d appeared.

Hamlet’s friend Horatio learned all about this big world. He’d just run across the ghost of Hamlet’s father, which spooked him. But Hamlet redirected him with his famous response: “There is more in heaven and earth, Horatio, than is dreamt of in your philosophy.” Big world.

So let’s resist attempts to silo us off, to rile us up so that our already-challenging problems now seem outrageous and overwhelming. Let’s tell each other our biggest stories, invite each other into passions that we see clearly but rarely talk about. Let’s enjoy the best of the late-night conversations with our closest friends, those rare and exciting evenings where we get past our surface chatting and frustrations and find ourselves talking about things that really matter.

I think you’ll find the content here to be among the most thought-provoking of your week. We’ll have dynamic podcasting and a video channel to go along with great articles by people like you. Down the line, we dream of empowering local, in-person connections.

Welcome to the big world.