11. Solve Your Hard Problems

Sometimes our unsolvable problems have a solution we can't see in advance.

We all hit problems in our lives that don't have easy answers and so, in the absence of obvious ways to solve them, we obsess over them. Many great spiritual teachers talk about what this is like and they have both a surprising way through these problems and a surprising upshot that will lead us to a solution we couldn't have seen coming. Join Dave Schmelzer for a look at this powerful advice with wisdom from theologians and Zen teachers and C.S. Lewis and the Bible and a classic movie or two.

Mentioned in this podcast

 It's a Wonderful Life

Isaiah 30:15-16, Proverbs 3:5-6; 28:26, 23:4, Psalm 125:1, John 12:24

The Unity of the Bible, by Daniel P. Fuller

Till We Have Facesby C.S. Lewis

Everyday Zenby Charlotte Joko Beck 

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