Our Story

Horatio, as you may remember, was Hamlet's friend who freaked out when, with Hamlet, he saw the ghost of Hamlet's father. This prompted Hamlet's famous comeback, "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy." And so we believe there are! But those things are embedded in life and culture as well as in spirituality. They are hiding in plain sight. Horatio hosts two podcasts along these lines. "Journey On--with Dave Schmelzer" explores what such a Christian spirituality might look like, one that goes past conservative and progressive spiritualities (while doing its best to incorporate great aspects of both) and into what some sages have called a "journeying" spirituality--that might help maximize the wonder and connection that Hamlet is talking about. "Blue Ocean World" is a discussion podcast that believes that spirituality and culture are constantly interweaving. So you might hear interviews with newsmakers or New York Times reporters or spiritual luminaries (Brian McLaren! Wm. Paul Young!) or you might hear the hosts kick around issues of the day. 

We have big hopes for where this all might go. An international movement! Arts endeavors! A fresh way of experiencing Jesus in the modern world for those for whom other options don't work! A virtuous cycle as spirituality and culture inform one another!

We're glad for you to join us on the way there.